Wild Wadi FAQ's

Wild Wadi FAQ's

Situated in the area of Jumeirah, Wild Wadi Waterpark is one of the iconic water parks in Dubai which welcomes tourists to experience unforgettable aquatic adventures. With over 30 rides and attractions, this place is a perfect spot for thrill-seekers and tourists alike.

The park features a range of thrilling water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and a unique surfing experience on the Wipeout and Riptide Flowriders. You can also taste delicious food and spend quality time with your loved ones at the best Wild Wadi restaurants, cafes, and snack bars.

Wild Wadi is a perfect destination for those looking for an exciting and unforgettable day out in Dubai.

Wild Wadi FAQ's

Can tickets to Wild Wadi be purchased online?

Yes, you can purchase Wild Wadi tickets from our website. The best thing about purchasing tickets online is that you don’t have to stand in long queues to get your tickets. Also, you can get good discounts and offers on tickets and instant confirmation on your bookings. Additionally, you can purchase tickets for specific dates and times, ensuring that they can visit the park at their preferred time and avoid any potential sold-out situation.

When was Wild Wadi water park opened?

Wild Wadi Park was opened in 1999 and it was designed and developed by Jumeirah International. It is spread over 12 acres and it is situated next to Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Since its opening, the park has undergone a lot of innovations to introduce new rides and other attractions to enhance visitors’ experience.

Where is Wild Wadi located?

Wild Wadi Park is situated in the Jumeirah area, next to the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. The park is easily accessible from several parts of Dubai with no dearth of public transportation. Its central location is what makes it easier for tourists who are staying in nearby hotels or other accommodations. With its prime location and impressive rides and attractions, Wild Wadi is a must-visit place for tourists seeking thrill and adventure.

What are the operating hours of Wild Wadi?

Wild Wadi opening times vary throughout the year. During the summer season, Wild Wadi timings are from 10 am to 7 pm. During winter months, Wild Wadi timings are from 10 am to 6 pm. Before leaving for the park, it is advised to check Wild Wadi timings on their website or call to confirm the opening hours.

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Is Wild Wadi open all year round?

Yes, Wild Wadi is open throughout the year, with varying opening times depending on the season. The park’s attractions are designed to cater to tourists in all weather conditions. During the summer months, the water temperature can get quite cooler compared to the summer months. Thus, tourists are advised to wear appropriate clothing for their comfort. Wild Wadi opening times also changes throughout the year depending on the season, making it a convenient and perfect destination for tourists to enjoy in Dubai.

What are the main attractions in Wild Wadi?

Wild Wadi is home to around 30 rides and attractions, making it the best water park in Dubai. Some of the main attractions of Wild Wadi are Jumeirah Sceirah, the Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj, the Wipeout and Riptide Flowriders, Master Blasters, Flood River, and Juha’s Journey. Besides these attractions, there are tons of Wild Wadi restaurants, cafes, and snack bars where you can enjoy delicious food with your loved ones.

Is there a dress code for Wild Wadi?

Yes, there is a dress code for Wild Wadi. Visitors are advised to follow the appropriate Wild Wadi dress code like swimwear at all times in the water. Also, visitors are now allowed to wear cotton clothing like t-shirts and shorts. Revealing swimwear, such as bikinis and thongs are not allowed in Wild Wadi. Avoid wearing any jewelry as they may disrupt the experience of riding in different slides. The more plain and simple clothing is expected for a smooth trip at the water park. Wild Wadi dress code is designed to ensure the safety of the tourists and to maintain the park’s family-friendly atmosphere.

What is the height requirement for the rides in Wild Wadi?

The height requirements for the park may vary from ride to ride. The park has multiple rides that are suitable for both kids and adults with lower heights. For example, some of the water rides in Wild Wadi have height requirements of a minimum of 1.1 meters. Other thrilling rides in the park have a height requirement of 1.2 and 1.3 meters. The rides, such as Jumeirah Sceirah and Tantrum Alley have minimum height requirements of 1.1 and 1.2 meters.

Can children visit Wild Wadi without adult supervision?

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to enter the premises without adult supervision. According to the park’s policy, a child can only enter the park if they’re accompanied by an adult. Also, the adult must be at least 18 years of age and take all the responsibility for the child’s safety and behavior. The park’s policy focuses on the tourist’s safety, particularly younger children who need supervision on some water rides.

Is there a separate area for children in Wild Wadi?

Yes, Wild Wadi has a separate area for children to play which is known as Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon. These areas are specifically designed for younger children and it has interactive water play structures, such as slides, water guns, and climbing frames. The area is small, but it offers a safe and controlled environment for the youngsters to play and spend a good time.

Are there any dining options available in Wild Wadi?

Yes, there are tons of dining options available in Wild Wadi where visitors can enjoy mouth-watering cuisines. Visitors can get a wide range of cuisines, including Arabian, Mediterranean, and International. There are fast food outlets, cafes, restaurants, and snack bars, which are strategically located throughout the park. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a full meal, Wild Wadi has something for everyone.

Are outside food and drinks allowed in Wild Wadi?

No, outside food and drinks are not allowed in Wild Wadi water park. The park has multiple dining options, such as cafes, restaurants, and snack bars, that can cater to the different dietary needs and preferences of the visitors. The park strictly enforces this policy to provide hygiene, cleanliness, and safety for all visitors. Guests with special dietary needs and medical conditions are allowed to bring their food and drinks which will be first inspected by the park’s security personnel at the entrance.

Is there a locker facility in Wild Wadi?

Yes, Wild Wadi offers a locker facility that allows visitors to store their belongings securely while enjoying amazing rides and attractions in the park. The lockers are available for rent and it comes in different sizes, depending on the amount of storage visitors need. They can rent the locker for the entire day and access it whenever they want. The locker area is monitored by park staff to ensure the safety and security of visitors’ belongings.

Are towels provided in Wild Wadi?

Wild Wadi water park provides towels to visitors. Guests can collect the towel from the park’s towel station, which is located near the locker area. The towels are available for rent and the cost will be included in the admission fees. Guests can exchange their towels for dry ones throughout the day. 

Are there any restrictions on the use of cameras in Wild Wadi?

Yes, there are some restrictions on the use of cameras inside the water park. While phones and cameras are allowed inside the park, videography and photography of the rides are strictly prohibited. Visitors are not allowed to take pictures or videos while on any of the rides or attractions, for safety reasons. Guests can take photos in the other areas of the park, such as the wave pool, lazy river, and food outlets. Also, the use of drones is strictly prohibited inside the water park.

Is there a parking facility available in Wild Wadi?

Yes, there is ample parking space available in Wild Wadi water park. Visitors can park their cars in the spacious parking area which is located near the entrance. The parking space has a capacity of over 500 cars and it is equipped with CCTV cameras for security. There’s a nominal parking fee which visitors have to pay for the entire day. The park also has designated parking spaces for guests with disabilities.

Is there a shuttle service available for visitors to Wild Wadi?

Yes, the park offers shuttle services from selected hotels in Dubai and nearby areas to the park and back. Visitors are advised to check their hotel if the shuttle service is available and to book their seats from the hotel. The shuttle service operates daily and runs on a first-come first-serve basis.

Are there any discounts available for tickets to Wild Wadi?

Yes, you can avail of good discounts and offers on tickets to Wild Wadi when you book online. The park offers packages throughout the year, which visitors can avail of to enjoy discounted admission fees. The park also provides discounted rates for groups, corporate bookings, and UAE residents. 

Are there any single rider slides in Wild Wadi?

There are tons of single-rider slides available in the park, including Jumeirah Sceirah, Tantrum Alley, and Burj Surj. These rides offer guests an adrenaline rush and an unforgettable water experience.

Are there any group slides in Wild Wadi?

Some of the best group slides available in Wild Wadi water park are Master Blasters, Ring Rides, and the Wipeout and Riptide Flowriders. These rides are designed to provide a fun and exciting water experience to the visitors.

What are the Nearby Attraction of Wild Wadi Waterparks?

Here are some nearby attractions of Wild Wadi Waterpark:

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