Wild Wadi or Yas Waterworld

The Overview

The Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi waterpark themed around the local Arabian folklore of Juha and Sinbad, is one of the best waterparks in Dubai. It is spread over 12 acres in Jumeirah and is perfect for beating hot temperatures with its fun aquatic adventures.  

It has over 30 water slides and attractions, along with eight master blasters, including Breaker’s Bay, the largest wave pool in the Middle East. Here you can explore the Upwork-moving water network, a unique experience for adrenaline enthusiasts. Jumeirah Sceirah, one of the most famous and the fastest rides here, with two tandem slides pulling you down on a 120-metre-long slide is the must experience. Wild Wadi also has over 100 waterslides, water guns, and dumping buckets especially for kids in Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon making it a perfect day-out destination for families. With four restaurants serving the best cuisines, like Italian, American, and Arabian, and cool souvenir shops on the premises, makes Wild Wadi a perfect tourist destination. 

Yas Waterworld

Be ready to slide and splash your way to one of the UAE's first water parks and also the best, featuring over 40 water rides and attractions. Yas Waterworld is spread over 37 acres, offering rides and attractions with four different thrill levels. Slide on Dawwamma, the largest hydro-magnetic-powered tornado water slide, which can host upto six people. For all adrenaline junkies, Liwa Loop, a freefall drop water slide and the first of its kind in the Middle East and Bubble Barrel, the largest sheet wave in the world, are the perfect stops.

 Families with kids should definitely try the cannon point where Bandit Bombers zoom over them, spraying water everywhere. Tot’s Playground is a massive attraction for kids, with paddling pools, tots slides, and more that keeps your younger ones busy. Experience the first 5D movie experience at Yas Waterworld while standing in knee-deep water. 

Better Value for Money Options

Cost of Wild Wadi

The general admission to the wild wadi depends on the individual's height. Also, children under the age of three have free entry after providing a valid ID proof.

General admission (1.1 metres and above): AED 299. AED 267 (online)

General admission (below 1.1 metres): AED 249. AED 199 (online)

You can also buy packages and combo tickets from our website at a better price. The prices for buying towels and lockers are different, it is not included in the entry fee. 

Click Here: Wild Wadi Fast Track Tickets

Cost of Yas Waterworld

The general admission ticket to Yas Waterworld includes a few different types of tickets for purchase. These are:

Single-day ticket: AED 270.

Family and Friends offer: AED 810 with an entry for four or more people inside the attraction.

There are options to buy tickets for Yas Waterworld and other theme parks on Yas Island at a discount. Booking tickets online in advance is recommended to avoid long queuing lines through Thrillophilia and get a 10-15% discount. For more prices and packages, check the official website. 

Comparing the prices, the cost of Wild Wadi is cheaper, and it provides better value for money, especially if you stay at Jumeirah Beach Resort, as entry to Wild Wadi is free then. 

The Best Location

Location of Wild Wadi

Here are the Location to Plan your journey to Wild Wadi Waterparks

The Wild Wadi is situated on Jumeirah Beach, next to the well-known Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The location is one of the best, as many hotels, including the beach hotel, restaurants, and shopping centres are nearby. From Dubai Airport, one can reach Wild Wadi in one hour and a few minutes by taking either a metro, bus, or subway. If you take a taxi or rent a car, it will take around 30 minutes to reach the waterpark.

Location of Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld is located on Yas Island, which is 20 minutes away from Abu Dhabi and an hour away from Dubai. There are many hotels and resorts to choose from to stay here, making Yas Waterland a great location.

Moreover, Yas Waterland is only 14 minutes away from the Abu Dhabi international airport, so you can take a cab or bus to directly reach the attraction. From the city centre, it is only 24 minutes away from bus or train.

Both waterparks are in great locations with easy access and plenty of touristy offerings

Food & Beverage Options

Dining Options of Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi has four restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, including Italian, American and Arabian. One of its most famous restaurants is Surfer’s Burgers, which serves Wild Wadi’s best fast food, like burgers or hotdogs. For your Italian craving, try Firecrust Pizza, offering freshly baked margherita and pepperoni pizza made using the traditional brick oven. For a more local experience try dishes at Dhow & Lagoon Kitchen, offering the best wraps, shawarmas, salads, and chicken dishes in the waterpark. For a beverage option, go to Wave View cafe and try their fresh juices, smoothies, and Arabian coffee.

Dining Options of Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld offers multiple cuisines with its five reputable restaurants, ranging from sit-down meals to frozen treats. To experience all cuisines at once, try Chubby’s Kitchen, which offers Italian, Chinese, and even Indian dishes. If you are looking for drinks or small refreshments, try Gahwat Nasser, known for its fresh Arabic coffee, camel milk chocolate, and other small refreshments. For desserts enter Skinny Frozen Treats offering frozen treats, ice creams, and cold beverages like juices and lemonades. One of the most popular food joints here is Salma’s Snacks, offering everything from salads to pasta to fresh fruits, smoothies, and more. 

Rides of Wild Wadi & Yas water world

Rides of Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi Waterpark Rides

Wild Wadi in Dubai offers more than 30 rides and attractions, along with eight master blasters, ideal for families and friends. The fastest and most adrenaline-rushing ride here is the Jumeirah Sceirah, which is 33 metres high with two tandem slides to climb to the top of the tower and plummet from there to a 120-metre-long slide. Burh Surh is another thrilling ride starting with a steep ascent from a 33-metre-high tower for an adventure-filled journey. Try Tantrum Alley, where you slide down three tornadoes and two waterslides in circles before splashing into the massive pool for a fun interaction. The best attraction for kids here is Breaker Bay, which accommodates around 2000 swimmers with dumping buckets, spraying water, guns, and more. Wild Wadi is also known for its high-powered water jet rides and the master blasters that plummet guests up to 15 metres above the ground.

Rides of Yas waterworld

Yas Waterworld has more than 40 adrenaline-rushing rides, slides, and attractions spread over 37 acres of land. The rides here are segregated into four thrill levels: Shaheen's Adrenaline Rush (extreme), Dhabi's Exciting Adventure (high), Hamlool's Moving & Grooving (medium), and Sultan's Young Fun (low). For extreme thrills, enjoy a family ride in the ultimate water adventure, Dawwama, in which the raft starts by falling from a great height and zooms into a tornado funnel. Other extreme rides here include the Falcon Falaj, Rush Riders, Bandit Bomber, SEBAG, and Jebel Drop. The lowest level, perfect for kids, includes Yehal Ride, Tot’s Playground with over 100 water activities, and Canon Point. The AMWAJ Beach, an exhilarating attraction here with four wave patterns; makes it a popular destination among tourists.

Accessibility and Facilities of Wild Wadi & Yas Waterworld

Wild Wadi Facilities
  • Dedicated parking spot for people with disability
  • Caregivers with disabled people get a reduction in their tickets.
  • Storage facility
  • Special showers, changing rooms, and toilets for people with disabilities.
  • Compliment entry to the waterpark of the guests of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.
  • Access to food at Dhow and Lagoon kitchen, wave view café, and other restaurants.
  • Car parking spot
  • Souvenir shops, like Sinbad’s Cart, Air Tattoo, Soul Al Wadi, and Shabandhar’s Souk.

Also there are Rules in Wild Wadi Waterpark for Visitor's safety.

Yas Waterworld Facilities
  • Dedicated parking spot
  • Shuttle buses
  • Food vouchers on a few tickets
  • Free parking
  • A fully equipped mother’s lounge
  • Wheelchairs and Strollers
  • Prayer rooms
  • Lockers and rentals

Conclusion: Wild Wadi or Yas Waterworld

Both Wild Wadi and Yas Waterworld offer unique rides and attractions in the Middle East. Yas Waterworld is known for offering over 40 rides segregated according to thrill levels for thrill seekers, families, and kids. The best ride at Yas Waterworld is Dawammma, which is 130 metres high and can host six people. 

Wild Wadi on the other hand is home to over 30 rides, better suited for kids and families as the rides don't make you squeamish. Its Breaker Bay is the largest wave pool overlooking a pristine beach, offering the best of water activities for families. In the heart of Dubai, Wild Wadi offers great thrills with its fastest Jumeirah Sceirah ride and a Master Blaster with 8 interconnected slides. 


Which waterpark is larger, Wild Wadi or Yas Waterworld?

Yas Waterworld is larger, scattered over 37 acres of land, while Wild Wadi is spread over 12 acres.

Which water park is better for families with young children?

When at Wild Wadi with young children, you can visit Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon for fun activities. Its special design has more than 100 activities to keep the kids engaged and entertained. Even the other rides allow children above the height of 1.1 metres, and all children can swim in the pool and Breakers Bay. It has two restaurants and kiosks to keep the children happy with their favourite snacks.  

In Yas Waterworld, families with young children can go to the tiny tots’ playground or Yehal to enjoy rides. Other activities that families with children can do are Yadi Yas, water wars, Marah Fortress, and the unique 5D Cine Splash, where you can enjoy a movie while your knees are in the water. 

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What kind of food and dining options are available at Wild Wadi and Yas Waterworld?

Wild Wadi has four major restaurants, like Firecrut pizza and Surfer’s burgers, serving foods like burgers, fresh pizza salads, sandwiches, and shawarmas. Another major cafe, wave view cafe serves the best beverages and quick snacks.

Yas Waterworld, on the other hand, has five separate dining options, the most famous being Dana’s Diner, which serves sandwiches, chicken wings, burgers, and more. The other four are Skinny’s frozen treats, Gahwat Nassar, Salma’s snack shack, and Chubby Kitchen.

Are there any height restrictions for the rides at Wild Wadi and Yas Waterworld?

Yes, both Wild Wadi and Yas Waterworld have height restrictions for their rides and attractions. At Wild Wadi, no one below the height of 1.1 metres can enter any rides or slides. At Yas Waterworld, a few rides have a minimum height restriction of 1.1 metres, which also reflects in their prices

Can we bring our own food and drinks to Wild Wadi and Yas Waterworld?

No, outside food isn’t allowed in both Wild Wadi and Yas Waterworld, but you can bring a one-litre bottle with you.


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