Overview of wild wadi Architecture

Wild Wadi, a fairy tale waterpark in the Jumeirah Beach Resort, is one of the best-designed attractions in the world. The architectural team for Wild Wadi Waterpark scouted the best water parks in Europe, South Africa, and the USA before designing this marvellous waterpark. 

 Its architecture is marvellous, as after scouting the best water parks around Europe, the USA, and South Africa, the team designed this waterpark. The architectural design is radical, with 16 of its 30 thrilling rides being interconnected, meaning tourists can enjoy the thrill without ever leaving the blue water. Jumeirah Sceirah is the fastest and tallest ride here, while the Flow Ride is one of the first rides for thrill seekers to surf a tide wave, which is almost three meters high here.

It's an impressive architectural masterpiece, with Wild Wadi having almost 50,000 cubic meters of concrete, 150 sets of pumping equipment, 80 km of rope, and more. The construction of this beautiful oasis with modern facilities started in June 1997, with nearly 3000 workers working on it.

Wild Wadi Dubai: An architectural marvel

The story behind the design of Wild Wadi
The story behind the design of Wild Wadi

The story or legend behind the design of the Wild Wadi is that of Juha and Sinbad, the known seafarers. In Arabian folklore, it talks about these two, the last Knights of Errant, returning from their journey into the far east, at the end of which a terrible storm developing in the Arabian Sea caught them. The storm lasted three days, and at the end of the third day, Sinbad and Juha found their dhow taking them to a tropical paradise, something that took their breath away. Their magical place was an oasis with freshwater streams falling from outcrops of rock, lush groves, and coconut palms. The oasis was surrounded by mountains, having a small wadi leading to a lagoon, which flooded easily. Mountains surrounding the paradise, with a small wadi leading to a lagoon, an area that was easily flooded. Inspired, the crewman started making slides and tunnels along the streams to enjoy waterfalls and fast-flowing rides. They created a new life for everyone to enjoy in the water haven. This story inspired the Wild Wadi design, a paradise for everyone looking for water activities.

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The Inspiration
The Inspiration

The inspiration for the design of the Wild Wadi is from Arabic folklore. The children’s story of ocean-bound sailors, Sinbad and Juha discovering a paradise due to a storm. The mesmerizing oasis encouraged them to create water-themed rides. Based on this, the architects of Wild Wadi decided to create multiple interlinked rides in themed wadis that are thrilling in nature. The design strongly features a dramatic waterfall flood event to honor the oasis in the story. The inspired theme and its execution made the waterpark the winner of the 1999 World Waterpark Association Design and theme award.

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The Design Philosophy: Blending Architecture and Storytelling
The Design Philosophy: Blending Architecture and Storytelling

The story of Sinbad and Juha is the inspiration behind the marvelous design of the Wild Wadi, which inspired the design and architecture of the waterpark. It took two years to complete this waterpark, which is a blend of architecture and storytelling. An architect team went to the UAE’s Hajar Mountains to study rock formations and assist with the design of 11,000 square meters of imitation rock world at the waterpark. Rocks, cobbles, and pebbles with the correct color and size were brought in from the Hajar region to create authentic waterfalls and wadi streams. They also brought African teak with cut marks resembling driftwood, which you will see in the entire park. A team of Indian fishermen was hired to create bridges and nets around the park's timber structures to keep them safe. The design incorporates the storytelling of a paradise by planting over 40,000 plants and grass. The best example of design in Wild Wadi inspired by folklore is the Shahbandar’ Souk, which hosts artifacts, money chests, picture frames, and more all on display to blend the Arabian folklore. 

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The Architecture of the Attractions

Tantrum Alley: A Visual Spectacle
Tantrum Alley: A Visual Spectacle

Tantrum Alley is a visual and architectural delight with its three thrilling interconnected tornadoes and two waterslides. Every thrill seeker in a pair of four sits in the ring, and it zooms into the very first tornado. Here they slide back and forth, only to circle the eye of the storm. Finally, they hit the last tornado to splash in the pool with a loud noise and too much fun. To enjoy this slide, guests need to be taller than 1.1 meters, with a minimum of two and a maximum of two people entering the ride at one time. Or, if counting the weight, it shouldn’t exceed 650 pounds. 

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Jumeirah Sceirah: An iconic landmark
Jumeirah Sceirah: An iconic landmark

One of the iconic, fastest, and tallest rides, Jumeirah Sceirah has two tandem slides. The thrill seekers climb a 32-meter-high tower initially, enjoying the spectacular view of the waterpark. From here, guests enter the capsules, awaiting the two guests to enjoy riding the Jumeirah simultaneously. The best part is the mystery as you lie in the capsule with your legs and arms crossed, awaiting an adventure. The capsules slide down on a slide that is 120 meters long at an alarming rate of 80 km/h. Within seconds, the tourists are on the slide, and this ride can accommodate only 300 pounds.

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Breakers Bay: A design that mimics nature
Breakers Bay: A design that mimics nature

Beakers Bay is the largest wave pool in the entire Middle East, a ride that is closer to nature and perfect for all ages. It makes crossing and parallel 1.5-meter waves in five configurations, all different from one another. With long palm trees and other flora surrounding the water, it feels like you are at the beach. Anyone can swim here, no age restrictions, but children do need supervision. Soak up the beautiful views, bob up and down in the water, and swim against the massive waves here.

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Master Blaster: A Thrilling Experience with a Stunning View
Master Blaster: A Thrilling Experience with a Stunning View

Master Blaster provides a thrilling experience with its high-powered water jets, taking you on a roller-coaster ride. The master blaster has more than eight gravity-defying rides that plummet the guests from the ground to 15 meters high. The master blaster ride has the White Water Wadi, the starting point from where you go through the other rides. These are Flying Falls, Jebel Lookout, Wadi Leap, Hos’N hurler, Thunder Rapids, Rushing Rapids, Tunnel of Doom, Wadi Basher, and more. To enjoy the master blaster rides, the maximum weight limit for the single ring is 264 lbs, while for the double ring, it is 386 lbs. For children with 110 lb weight and heights taller than 1.1 meter, an adult companion is required for the double ring.

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Flow Rider: An Architectural Fight in Hydraulic Engineering
Flow Rider: An Architectural Fight in Hydraulic Engineering

An adventurous ride, Wipeout FlowRider in Wild Wadi is one of the only four such rides found globally. It was designed by American lawyer and self-proclaimed surf fanatic, Thomas Lochtefeld. The flow rider works intricately by shooting over seven tonnes of water/second in a lean sheet across a foam structure. It produces a realistic wave effect, perfect for kneeboarding, proper surfing, bodyboarding, and more. Near the wipeout flow rider is the riptide flow rider, ideal for warming up. It uses the same principle as wipeout, but with a flatter wave, it's easier for surfing.

Know Before You Go To Wild Wadi

Here are Essential information to Plan your visit to Wild Wadi Waterpark


Jumeirah St - opp. Burj Al Arab - Umm Suqeim - Umm Suqeim 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

How to Reach
How to Reach

By Bus: There are three bus stops near Wild Wadi, Sheikh Zayed Service road (3 min away), Business Bay Seaside Metro Bus Stop (3 min away) and Business Bay Metro Bus Layside (14 min away). Bus line 98E, F20, F14, 9 and 29 runs through these stations towards Wild Wadi.

By Train: Emirates Tower Metro Station is the closest station to Wild Wadi, which is 17-minute away from here. 

By Car: From city center, get to Sheikh Zayed Road, continue straight and take the 39th exit onto Umm Suqeim street. From there, head to Jumeirah street and continue towards Wild Wadi Service road. Make a U-turn to reach the entrance of the waterpark.


Here are some Important Tips of Wild Wadi Waterpark

  • Pay attention to what you wear; swimwear is necessary, but wearing transparent bathing suits or underwear is prohibited.
  • Dont, wear anything that can damage the slides, like street clothes or swimwear with buttons or even accessories.
  • Rent a locker to keep accessories, clothes, and other essential things safe. 
  • Try to visit the park on a weekday as it is less crowded, and aim to reach 20 minutes before the opening time. 
  • Staying at one of the Jumeirah hotels is better as it gives you access to free shuttle service, towels on arrival, and even free entry.

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  • Enjoy swimming in the Flood River and Breaker’s Bay, known as the Middle East's largest wave pool

  • Explore 30+ rides and slides including uphill water roller coasters, Ring rides, Master Blasters, and Wipeout and Riptide Flow Rider

  • Get a thrilling experience as you enjoy the 32m high Jumeirah Sceirah, the tallest and fastest slide in the park

  • Book tickets for Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai online in advance and avoid standing in long queues

  • Discover the Dhow, Lagoon, and Juha with interactive play with water guns for your little ones

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Participants are not allowed to carry any sharp object, lighter, luggage bag, alcohol, knife, etc.
  • Any breakage or damage of any items will be charged at actuals.
  • Outside food, beverages, and alcohol are prohibited.
  • Wild Wadi Waterpark will be closed on Tuesday.
  • For safety purposes, access to certain rides are restricted to those over 1.1 meters in height.
  • COVID-19 related guidelines issued by the respective state authorities is to be followed mandatorily.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • Guests with underlying medical conditions, respiratory illness, or chronic diseases are advised to not enter the waterpark
  • Maximum capacity on the rides is 1 person per 4 square meters (density requirement). Guests may be asked to wait before entering the rides to maintain this requirement.
  • Parents/Minders/Caretakers are responsible and accountable for their childrens’ behavior in the waterpark area and children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Wild Wadi Water Park will be closed for maintenance from 8 Jan 2023 to 3 Feb 2023.
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What was the inspiration behind the design of Wild Wadi Dubai?

    Juha and Sinbad, the wise fools of Arabic folklore, are the inspiration behind the design of this beautiful water theme park. It is known for providing an escape from reality while teaching societal values too.

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